Student Services

Student Support Team

Goffs-Churchgate Academy has recruited a strong team of support staff pastoral leads. The team have been recognised for their outstanding work with families and students by winning the national NSBM Pupil Development Award. This award recognises the positive development of character traits such as perseverance, confidence, tolerance and respect.

Team members are: 

Lyndsay Johnson - Assistant Principal with responsibility for this area

Liz Allum - SENCO and Head of Inclusion

Sandra Skinner - Student Support Officer

Suzanna Renew– Director of Learning for Year 11

Jim Clune/Lucy Taylor- Director of Learning for and 10

Julie Gissing/Jim Clune– Director of Learning for Year 9

Cherelle Kamara - Director of Learning for Year 8

Sharon Robson – Director of Learning for Year 7

Julie Bradley– Learning Mentor

The role of the Student Support team is to ensure your child feels safe and happy at school, and to help develop students into respectful, motivated and well rounded individuals, readey for their future careers.

We co-ordinate transition between primary and secondary school with an intensive transition programme including:

  • primary visits 
  • induction days 
  • summer school
  • and a transition week 

We have a strong emphasis on team and confidence building,ensuring students feel part of our school community from day one. We pride ourselves on knowing our students and supporting them throughout their time at school from Year 7 until they leave us in Year 11.

We network with a wide range of professionals using colleagues’ expertise with interventions, breaking down any barriers individuals have to learning, and as a result watching students develop into successful young adults.

We have a strong bond with our primary schools and other professionals in the community.  This allows us not only to support students but also to help parents, carers and families through challenging or emotional times.

You can contact us on 01992 624375 or via email on

Liz Allum