Exam Results

Information Paper - GCSE Reforms 2018

Press release on 2019 GCSE Outcomes

The school is celebrating another fantastic set of GCSE results as Goffs-Churchgate.  The results demonstrate a 175% improvement in the overall progress of students in the last 2 years, which is a testament to the transformation of the school and its students

Of particular note for their performance are Hannah Davis, Joshua Roles and Igor Zaleswski; who all achieved multiple Grade 7, 8, and 9s.  Across all abilities, students have consistently surpassed expectations.

Many of our students will now complete their A-Level studies at Goffs Academy, with other students going to local Colleges or apprenticeships.

Principal Tom Sparks said, "We are exceptionally proud of all of our students and the hard work they have put in, which is reflected in another excellent set of GCSE outcomes.  Most pleasingly we continue to see improvements in progress across all subjects.  I would like to Thank all staff and students for their tireless work this year and we look forward to continued success next academic year"


Estimated KS4 measures 2019

Progress 8: +0.47 (this represents a 175% improvement from the previous school)

Attainment 8: 48.55

Percentage achieving a 5+ in English and Maths: 34% (this represents a 23% improvement from the previous school)

Percentage achieving a 4+ in English and Maths: 60% (this represents a 20% improvement from the previous school)

Percentage achieving the English Baccalaureate: 9%

Percentage of students entered for the English Baccalaureate 28%

Pupil destinations - pupils staying in education or going into employment 100%