Extreme Weather Information

In the event of possible school closure due to snow:

In the event of a possible school closure due to an emergency or snow, please go direct to the County website home page www.hertsdirect.org, which is best placed to cope with the surge of hits during peak times. We recommend you save this link as a Favourite in your browser in case you cannot access this website.

  • Also refer to our school home page for more details of school opening times and further details and messages which will be posted throughout the day http://goffschurchgate.herts.sch.uk
  • See updates on this website from 7.00 each day (be aware access maybe slow due to the volume of traffic)
  • Listen to BBC Three Counties Radio (103.8 FM / 95.5 FM or 630 MW / 1161 MW) & Heart 101.7 FM
  • Check your e-mail for message's from the school
  • Check your mobile phone for In Touch text messages