School Trips

At Goffs-Churchgate students are offered a wide variety of trips to attend.  These include:

  • Trips linked to a specific curriculum area, for example going to the Bank of England with Maths
  • Trips to help improve their Personal Development, for example visiting the Houses of Parliament
  • Reward trips to show recognition for the consistent good behaviour, hard work and positive attitude to learning, for example Ten Pin Bowling or Ice Skating
  • International trips, for example Disneyland Paris

Trips that have gone out already this year: 

Yr 9

Warner Bros Studio - To learn how Maths is used in the film making industry

Yr 11

GCSE Geography Fieldwork - To learn and experience practical fieldwork skills

yr 11

Lea Valley Photography Trip -  Art and Photography students to visit Lea Valley.


Hertfordshire Regional College - For students to experience Post 16 opportunities

Yr 10 & Yr 11

Theatre Trip - To see Les Miserables

Yr 11

Theatre Trip to see - A Christmas Carol


Trips coming soon:

Yr 7 & Yr 8

16/1/23 The Brilliant Club Oxford (university visit)

Yr 10 & Yr 11

 yr 8 & yr 9

25-27/1/23 Disneyland Paris Trip - Maths

yr 7

1/2/23 The making of Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio

Yr 7

22/2/23 Theatre Trip - The Lion King








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