Work Experience


Current plans are that Work Experience in 2022 will return to taking place face to face. Although last years virtual programme was a huge success. 


Work experience takes place in the workplace and allows young people to experience what it is like to undertake a job supervised by staff who already work in the environment.

Work experience at Goffs-Churchgate is organised through YC Hertfordshire. All students will be allocated a place for work experience however students are encouraged to find their own choice of placement.

Today’s labour market is globalised and highly competitive - high-quality, relevant work experience can make a critical difference to a young person’s chances of getting a good job.

Work experience is vital for young people and employers. It bridges the gap between school, college and work, helps young people make decisions about their future and develop new skills, and gives employers the chance to spot good new recruits.

Skills developed in the workplace are rewarded by employers over and above even the skills learned in formal education. Experience of a real workplace is also the best way to discover what students really like doing and where they want to go in life.

Below you will find links to all the paperwork, dates and information needed for 2022 work experience.

Goffs-Churchgate WEX Presentation 21-22