Our Restaurant


Nutrient Information

The school restaurant is open for breakfast, break and lunch daily for all students.

To pay for any items purchased from the restaurant students will need to use the cashless catering system.  Cashless catering removes the need for your child to have to carry money on them to pay for their snacks at break and meals at lunch as it enables you to pay in advance online. This improves our ability to serve food quickly and efficiently making the process of getting a school lunch easier for all.

We use the Live Register system which uses the latest biometric technology to scan a student’s fingertip. This generates a unique number used in the system to identify your child and allow them to spend money from their cashless account. Please be assured the actual fingertip image is not stored and cannot be used by any other system. Alternatively you may opt for your child to use a unique pin code instead.

It’s a very simple process:

Step 1 - Registration onto the Live Register system
Your child’s cashless account is set up by us and their fingertip scanned to associate them with their account.

Step 2 - Cash is loaded onto your child’s account
You can do this either by opening up an online account via Parent Pay and paying in by credit/debit card, or by loading the account through a PayPoint facility. Your local PayPoint facilities can be found at this link:


Step 3 - The student chooses their school lunch items and scans a fingertip at the till
This displays their name, photo and account balance to the till operator who then enters the cost of their food items, deducts the total from the account and the transaction is complete.

You can see what your child has ordered and is eating daily via the ParentPay website once you have logged in.