Home Learning

At Goffs-Churchgate we aim to provide a range of learning opportunities outside of the classroom.  This can take the form of enrichment activities such as clubs and trips but also academic studies at home.

Key Stage 3

You can expect your child to consistently receive the following:

  • Two hours of Hegarty maths or other homework deemed appropriate by their teacher per week
  • Five lessons of Bedrock vocabulary per week
  • One session of Seneca Science work per week, for Year Seven and Eight students and three sessions of Tassomai Science for Year Nine students
  • One session of Linguascope per week
  • Weekly key words definition quizzes in Science
  • Weekly spelling bee
  • An optional reading challenge

Students may receive additional homework to supplement the above in the form of a creative project or revision around the time of assessments.

The aim is to prioritise the reinforcement of key skills needed in English, Maths and Science and to provide students with homework which will give them instant feedback, as research proves this has the most impact on the progress of students.

The majority of the homework’s are set via online platforms, if this is going to prove problematic for your child, due to lack of internet access then please contact you child’s Director of Learning.  The school runs a regular afterschool club that can support in students completing their work if needed.

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Key Stage 4

Homework is set with more flexibility at KS4 with a variety of online platforms also used . Students are expected to attend after school intervention sessions as directed


Online Learning Programmes

The school subscribes to several Online Learning Programmes for students across all year groups. These programmes help to extend the students learning outside of the classroom.

Competitions take place to reward the students who use these programmes the most each month.

Rewards points are issued to the top 3 students in each programme, with the winner of each category being awarded a £10 Amazon gift card.

  • For Hegarty Maths, the leaders are based on the students who have answered the most questions correctly that month
  • For Tassomai Science, the leaders are based on the number of daily goals completed that month
  • For GCSE Pod, the leaders are based on the highest number of Pods streamed that month

Winning Students

Please encourage your child to use these programmes as much as possible at home. If students experience any problems logging into their accounts, please ask them to speak to their subject teachers or Director of Learning.

Congratulations, and well done to all the students who have received prizes so far.