School Development Plan


The school's development plan is born out of the Trust's Mantra of 'No Set Destiny For Any Child'

Our Strategic Development Plan sets out:

  1. Our commitment and vision as a community
  2. The key strategic feedback from all of our stakeholders leading to our key foci for 2022-2023
  3. Our operational plans which detail the actions to be taken in the current year. Each member of our senior leadership team and each curriculum/year leader have their own development plan. Students also have their own development plan. Our SDP is reviewed termly by the entire community to assess progress being made towards our objectives, to review actions and to plan the next term’s work. Some priorities will continue throughout the year, with others being changed in response to progress/developments. In doing this we ensure that our SDP is both current and responsive to the community’s needs.

Our Commitment and vision

  • RESPECT: through our strong pastoral care, we will strive to develop our students into model citizens, showing care, compassion, and understanding, both in the school and the wider community
  • ASPIRE: we will develop opportunities for every student to learn about life after school, leading to the creation and following of their dreams for the future
  • NURTURE: we will support and develop each student to ensure they can be the best they can be and go on to further their educational or professional journey
  • ACHIEVE: we will ensure that our student's academic and social potential is realised through exceptional teaching, tutoring, and rigorous tracking
  • SECURE FUTURE OF THE SCHOOL: we will ensure value for money in times of economic challenge without compromising on delivery

To review the full details of The Goffs-Churchgate Strategic Development Plan 2023 - 2024 read the document below:

Goffs-Churchgate Strategic Development Plan with January 2024 review

5 Year Strategic Plan for Goffs-Churchgate 2023-2027