Welcome from the Principal

It is a great honour to welcome you to Goffs-Churchgate Academy.  We are a smaller than average secondary school, that provides a close, family atmosphere where students develop their confidence and forge new friendships quickly.   

In addition, our size means that we are able to ensure that all of our students are known, feel valued and are supported. Our school has been recognised by OFSTED who graded the school as ‘Good’ with ‘Outstanding’ features. 


It is my belief that a child’s time at school leaves a significant impression on them and shapes them into the adults that they later become. This is a responsibility that we take seriously at Goffs-Churchgate. Our students typically arrive with a sharp mind, ambition and intellectual curiosity, which is complemented by our carefully planned curriculum and extra-curricular offer. 

Academic success is incredibly important to us. Our success in GCSE and vocational courses speaks for itself.  However, we also believe that the development of the whole person is vital to becoming a well-rounded individual that makes a positive difference in the world. Our mission is to grow good people, so that when they leave Goffs-Churchgate they make a positive contribution to society and make a difference in the world. 

Your child’s time at Goffs-Churchgate Academy will help them to reach their potential, whilst developing empathy, inclusivity, creativity, confidence and self-esteem.  We foster a number of positive moral attributes, that are underpinned by our core values of Respect, Aspire, Nurture and Achieve. 

The Goffs-Churchgate experience encourages students to be true to themselves, to love themselves, to make positive contributions, to learn and grow, be happy and grateful and to contribute to something bigger than themselves. Our school is a happy and caring community, staffed by a team of highly committed teachers and support staff, working in partnership with Trustees and parents to provide the best possible education. The website will give you a flavour of our school and community. 

You are also warmly encouraged to visit and to see first-hand what makes us such an exciting and ambitious community. We look forward to meeting you. 

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Julie Richardson