Our House System

The House system at Goffs-Churchgate is dynamic and participatory. Its primary goals are to foster year-group friendships, support constructive competition, foster a sense of community, and give students a voice. 

Our foundation for Behaviour for Learning is based on the Goffs-Churchgate Values. Students who continuously meet or above our expectations will earn points toward obtaining the Golden Acorn, as will those who show a single act that upholds the Goffs-Churchgate Values. Students will receive a Letter of Recognition (LOR) if they exhibit a learning behaviour that fits into one of the Goffs-Churchgate categories (explained below).  

Students will be categorized as "Golden Acorn" students and receive points that go toward their House if they receive LORs in all ten categories during the course of the academic year.  

Goffs-Churchgate 10 behaviours that students are encouraged to exhibit:  

  1. Compassion 
  2. Helpfulness 
  3. Understanding 
  4. Resilience 
  5. Courage  
  6. Honesty 
  7. Gratitude  
  8. Achievement  
  9. Teamwork 
  10. Empathy 

One of the most important aspects of helping our students reach their full potential is the recognition and promotion of Goffs-Churchgate Values through awards.  A vital element of effective instruction and staff-student relationships is praise. It is important to give constructive criticism in a sincere manner and to provide concrete instances of a student's strengths. 

Throughout the academic year, a number of activities are held with the goal of recognizing students' accomplishments and maintaining the highest level of motivation among all of them. 

Along with providing possibilities for students' spiritual, moral, personal, and social growth, the House system also allows them to learn and develop a variety of abilities, such as debating, chess, expressive arts, sports, and music. 

Additional house points are given for outstanding attendance, promptness, helpfulness, setting a good example, volunteering in the community and school, home learning, achievement, and advancement. In addition to cups and shields for individual competitions that are on display in the School Hall, prizes are given to the House that earns the most points overall throughout the year. At the end of the year, the winning House receives an overall cup. 

Through the House/School Council meetings, students can participate in beneficial changes to the school environment or compete. The House system gives students a voice and a sense of belonging. Pupils have the chance to speak up, offer ideas, participate, vote, engage, play, perform, lead, and communicate.  

The Head of House is in charge of each House. Under the direction of the Head of House, a group of House Representatives from Years 7 through to 11. Every employee and student belong to a House. Staff members serve as Heads of House. 

Our Houses

Attenborough House


Sir David Attenborough: presenter, screenwriter, producer, and broadcaster. 

Millions have been captivated and inspired by David Attenborough, who has also pushed conservation and environmental awareness more and more.  He has created innovative and enlightening programmes for the younger generation. The Goffs-Churchgate Academy pupils feel that Attenborough is a significant figure who has a good influence on our lives and the constantly changing environment around us, which is why they chose his name to represent their house.

Attenborough House students take great pride in donning their House insignia and belonging to a conscientious and compassionate group.

He advanced to become Head of Programming at the BBC and Director of BBC 2, but he left these positions to resume producing television shows.    

His natural history documentaries have always raised the bar for wildlife. 

His nature documentaries, which have explored every facet of life on Earth, have frequently set new benchmarks in wildlife broadcasting.    

Millions of people have been captivated and motivated by him, and he has progressively promoted environmental preservation and care.  Even after reaching retirement age, he kept creating groundbreaking and inventive shows. 

Rashford House

RashfordAs he utilised his position as a football player to advocate for the government to give almost 1.3 million children free school meals amid the lockdown during the coronavirus outbreak, Marcus Rashford demonstrated a remarkable degree of resiliency and respect.

Having experienced a comparable upbringing to several youngsters he advocated for, he has leveraged his diligent efforts to attain his current position to effect change. In addition to this, he has attempted to address racism both on and off the football pitch, demonstrating how inspirational he is for standing up for what he believes in. He received the title of Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in October 2020.

At Goffs-Churchgate Academy, we consider resilience and respect to be valuable character attributes.

Seacole House

SealcoleMary Seacole was a Jamaican-British nurse, healer, and entrepreneur. Despite her extensive experience, she was refused admittance into the nursing contingent for the Crimean War on the grounds of racism. Mary assisted in running the boarding house when she was twelve years old, and many of the residents were ill or injured servicemen.

She travelled on her own and established a makeshift "hotel" to care for the injured. Mary provided medical attention to victims of both the yellow fever and cholera epidemics in Kingston.

She was possibly the first nurse practitioner in Britain, having been trained before Florence Nightingale. In 2004, Seacole was chosen as the Best Black British Person.

Trott House

TrottDame Laura Rebecca Kenny (formerly Trott) Born on 24 April 1992, DBE, OLY is a competitive road and track cyclist from Britain. She excels in track endurance races, particularly the Madison, Omnium, Scratch Race, Elimination Race, and Team Pursuit disciplines. She is the most successful female cyclist and British female athlete in Olympic history, having won six medals total from the team pursuit, omnium, and madison events in 2012, 2016, and 2020. She also took home a silver medal from the team pursuit event in 2020.


Kenny was diagnosed with asthma after being born in Harlow, Essex, a month early due to a collapsed lung. Doctors recommended that she start sports to control her breathing. She competed in trampolining and loved it, but respiratory issues forced her to give it up. She was educated at Turnford School while growing up in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.