Equipped for Learning

Students can only succeed academically and have fun in school if they have the right tools for both assignments and classroom instruction. 

As a result, we kindly ask all parents to make sure their kids are properly outfitted for school and to make sure the students double-check their bags the night before school.  

Students ought to verify: 
  • If their PE kit is required for the following day  

  • That all the textbooks required for the classes the following day are there, and that any homework that is expected is finished.  
  • That they have spare resources at home to assist home learning 


Learning Equipment Required: 
  • A named, robust and spacious bag such as a rucksack. Small, fashionable, ‘man bags’ are not fit for this purpose. The bag should be able to contain both sports kit plus all the text and exercise books required for a day’s learning. 
  • Transparent pencil case 
  • Black or blue pens for writing – pupils should use the pen that helps them write in the clearest and neatest fashion 
  • HB Graphite pencils and rubber 
  • A set of art pencils for Year 7-9 students and any students taking GSCE Art 
  • Colouring pencils 
  • Highlighter pens 
  • Red and green biros 
  • Glue stick 
  • Small scissors 
  • A clear rigid 30cm ruler 
  • Scientific calculator – Casio or similar are recommended 
  • Maths set, including a protractor, pair of compasses and a set square 

Many parents find it beneficial to keep duplicate learning equipment kit at home.