Student Attendance

Good attendance at school is intrinsically linked to high attainment and positive wellbeing. Accordingly, Goffs-Churchgate places huge importance on our students attending school every day. 

There is no doubt about the correlation between strong exam scores and attendance. Students who attend all classes regularly advance more than half a GCSE grade above the national average in all subjects.  

Students who attend less than 90% of classes receive a grade below in each subject. 

Maximising School Attendance 

  • Children need to go to school regularly and punctually 
  • Goffs-Churchgate’s attendance target is 97% and above. 
  • If you are having problems getting your child to school, please contact us. We will discuss the attendance issues with you and work together to put a plan in place. 
  • Develop consistent evening and morning routines with your child. 
  • Regularly talk to your child about their school day. 
  • Please try to book medical appointments after school 

Absence Procedure 


At lunchtime pupils in Years 7 to 11 must remain on the school site.   

Late arrivals/Early departures 

If a student arrives late to school, he or she must sign in at Student Services before going to lessons. 

Any students leaving before the end of the school day for any reason must sign out at Student Services before they leave. 

Students may only leave early if we have previously been advised by a parent by email , telephone or letter or have a signed note in their planner from a parent explaining the reasons. This note must be shown at Student Services when signing out. 

Absences due to illness 

If a student is absent or late due to illness, or an appointment, the parent must inform the school either by telephone before 8.15am and on each subsequent day the student is absent or an email to A specific reason must be given for the absence.  

Leave of absence during term time 

Unless there are extraordinary circumstances, headteachers and principals are no longer able to decide whether to grant time for a family vacation or to grant parents or carers extended leave to visit their home country throughout the school year.  

Children would lose out on important educational time if they were to miss school throughout the school term. Unauthorised absences from school may result in fines or legal action being taken against you if your child misses’ school due to a holiday that was not agreed upon.  

Before making any plans, you must apply to the school if you believe that the reason for the absence is extraordinary. Then, the school will determine whether the absence can be authorised. 

To request such an absence, please contact the school to acquire the Leave of Absence Form.