Student Leadership

We place our students at the centre of all our decisions that we make.  Students take an active role in our school community with student voice playing an integral role in school development.

Our Student Leadership programme made up of three strands, each playing a unique role within the school:

  • The Student Executive act as the voice of the student body and work with the school’s Senior Leadership Team on school improvement.
  • The Community Captains work with the House Co-ordinator to further develop the school community by planning, organising and delivering House competitions and charity events throughout the year.
  • The Wellbeing Ambassadors work with the Student Support Officer to ensure the wellbeing of all students within the school by developing their understanding of how to keep safe and healthy.

All three programmes are overseen by the Head Boy and the Head Girl. The Head Boy and Head Girl were appointed at the end of last year and have quickly established themselves in their new role. They maintain a very visible presence within the school and at all school events, and maintain an overview of the work completed by all three Student Leadership groups.

Recruitment involves an application and interview process, which is conducted by the Head Boy and Head Girl. This year has seen significant growth in the number of applications resulting in approximately 20% of the school community being appointed to a role within one of the three programmes.

Those in the Student Leadership programme are easily identifiable to the student body as each group has its own a personalised pin badge.

All three groups have written their own Student Strategic Development Plan, which details the priorities and work for the year. All three groups meet weekly to review their work and plan actions for the weeks ahead.

All three Student Leadership group’s report to the Schools Senior Leadership Team each term to inform on their work to date and discuss their priorities for the upcoming term.

The student leaders have also begun to look at how they can further develop their leadership skills and are currently researching a formal Leadership accreditation with the SSAT (The Schools, Students and Teachers Network). They are also in contact with the Broxbourne Youth Council to discuss how they can make a greater contribution within the local community.