Governance and Scheme of Delegation

Welcome to the Generations Multi Academy Trust

The Generations Multi Academy Trust is a company limited by guarantee and a charitable trust. Responsibility for the academies that make up the trust and for the funds granted by Parliament for providing education in those academies is entrusted to the Board of Trustees.

These Trustees are also the Directors of the company. Much of the work of the Board is delegated to committees; in particular there is a separate committee for each of the academies which works as an Local Academy Board (LAB).

The other Board sub-committees are:

  • Resources and Workforce Development (R&WD)
  • Standards & Achievement

Local Academy  Boards debate key matters at school level and pass their recommendations up to the Board, via each committee, for discussion and ratification. Read more about Goffs Local Academy Body here.  

The Trust provides strategic oversight of financial control and strategy through the Chief Financial Officer, the Resources and Workforce Development and the main Trust Board. The Trust’s finances are externally audited on an annual basis.


The role of the Trustees is to provide a strategic view of all academies in the Trust, to ensure accountability and to be a critical friend. The Trustees are responsible for the overall direction of the School.

The Board of Trustees is not responsible for day to day matters within school which is the responsibility of the Principal. Trustees also set and monitor targets, the school budget and the effectiveness of policies to ensure all students have a broad and balanced curriculum.

The Chair of the Trustees is Mr Andrew Clarke and can be contacted via:


The structure and roles for 2019-20 was confirmed at the Board of Trustees meeting on Thursday 12th September 2019.


Position Name
Chair of Trustees/ Member/ Chair of Personnel Mr Andrew Clarke
Vice Chair of Trustees / Member Miss Vanessa Wright
Member Vacancy
Member Vacancy
Member Mr Martin Jackson
Trustee / Chair of Standards & Achievements Mrs Jean Holt
Trustee / Executive Principal Ms Alison Garner
Trustee / Chair of Goffs - Churchgate LAB Mrs Joanna Formoso
Trustee (Support Staff) / Vice Chair of Goffs LAB Mrs Francoise Grote
Trustee (Teaching staff) Mrs Toyin Oyelade
Trustee Mr John O'Sullivan
Trustee Mrs Kathy Dunnett
Trustee / Chair of Goffs LAB Ms Donna Cooper
Trustee Mr Ian Fish
Trustee / Vice Chair of Trustees / Chair of R&WD Mr Patrick Philpott
Trustee (Support Staff) Mrs Sandra Skinner
Trustee Mr Kacey Brown



Generations Multi Academy Trust 2019-20

Chair – Andrew Clarke
Vice Chair - Patrick Philpott and Vanessa Wright


Committee Membership 2019-20

Generations educational trust 19 20 memberships sept 19 final for website

Business Interests

  • Patrick Philpott - Company Director
  • Jean Holt - Company Director
  • Joanna Formoso - Company Director
  • Donna Cooper - Company Director
  • Vanessa Wright - Employee of Pearson (Education)
  • Kathy Dunnett - Employee of Herts For Learning
  • 2019/20 Trustee financial interests - None declared
  • 2019/20 Trustee roles in other schools - Kathy Dunnett
    • Member - Hailey Hall, Hoddesdon
    • Member - Westfield Academy, Watford
    • Associate - Tomwell, St Mary's




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