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Growth Mindset presentation by Inner Drive

Posted on: 24th November 2017

Growth Mindset presentation by Inner Drive, Thursday 16th November 2017  - 

Parents, students and school staff, from across our year groups attended a workshop last Thursday on ‘Growth Mindset’ by a company called ‘Inner Drive’. The presentation was completed by one of the founders of the organisation, Edward Watson.

Edward presented the workshop using the latest research, to help parents and carers support our pupils to develop a growth mindset. He gave advice and explained useful strategies in diverse areas such as; 

  • Understanding the importance of hard work 
  • How to ask for and use feedback better 
  • How to cope better with setbacks and 
  • How to embrace new situations and change 

The workshop was a great success and well received by all who attended. One of the parents, Mrs Lovlund said ‘Thank you very much for the invite, I very much enjoyed it and it did give me a few ideas. I hope the school will put the slides on the web site so that we can download them’. One of our pupils said that she had been really impressed by the presentation, and thought that all the students should receive it. 

We have spoken to Inner Drive who have kindly given us permission to put the presentation on our school website. We will also speak to them about presenting at our school Health and Wellbeing day on Friday 6th July 2018 

Growth Mindset presentation by Inner Drive