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Herts MIND - Year 8 Five Ways to Wellbeing Workshops

Posted on: 17th November 2020

On Monday 16th November 2020, as part of ‘Just Talk’ week Herts MIND attended Goffs-Churchgate Academy to complete four ‘5 ways to Wellbeing’ workshops for all year 8 pupils. Carol Lilley and Hannah Lewis ran the workshops.

Pupils were given an introduction on Mental Health and the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’. The students then split into groups to discuss one area of the ‘5 Ways’, whether that was Be active, Connect, Give, Take Notice and To Learn. The students were enthusiastic participants, asking great questions and coming up with great and very thoughtful ideas.

The thoughts and ideas were written and drawn by the students onto posters. The posters will be displayed on a noticeboard on the year 8 corridor to act as a visual reminder for everyone, not only of their great work on the day, but of the tips and ideas they can use to improve mental health and wellbeing at the school.

Carol said, "Many thanks for all of your support and help during the sessions; I feel the day went really well."


Feedback from students included;

“Thank you  – You’ve broadened my knowledge on the subject of mental health.”

“I’ve learnt a lot about mental health and how I can help myself and others”.

“I’ve really enjoyed the session, thank you.”

‘I will be more active’

‘I could be kinder and do kinder things, like help picking up equipment and holding doors’.

‘This session will make me think’.

‘It has made me even more aware about how people hide emotions’.

‘I know what I can do’.

‘Yes, I will concentrate more’.

‘It will help me understand more’.