British Values

The amendment to the Education Regulations 2010 requires schools to "actively promote the fundamental British values  of  democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths & beliefs."

At Goffs-Churchgate Academy we do this through our broad curriculum and especially in Humanities, through form time activities, our approach to rewards and consequences, through our assembly themes and through enrichment activities such as trips, mock elections, student leadership and cultural celebrations. We aim to ensure delivery has balance and respect for opposing views.

Our House system is central to our community ethos, bringing students and staff together in friendly competition, judged on clear criteria by students, staff and outside experts.  This is effective in enabling us to form a strong society of different ages, experiences, interests, cultures, religions and backgrounds who learn from and support each other throughout the year. 

At Goffs-Churchgate Academy we respect the qualities and influences every individual adds to our school which broadens our students' horizons and strengthens our community.