Overview 2020-2021

The Goffs-Churchgate Academy Curriculum

 “To ensure all our students are positive future citizens, equipped for the modern world in skills, knowledge, experience, and qualifications”

Below you will see the curriculum plan for each year group broken down by term.  For each subjects you will see we are encouraging students to think about the big idea.  Then there are the clear skills and knowledge that we will be teaching in every subject.

Alongside that, and woven into our curriculum, is our wider work on SMSC, British Values, Music, extra-curricular learning, an extensive careers programme, and the school’s strong work on Mental Health and Wellbeing.  Their curriculum maps can also be found below.

The school has looked carefully at the cohort of students and devised a curriculum that is both challenging but provides students additional opportunities to develop their Capital Culture.  The key features of our curriculum are:

  • A focus on skill development - each subject breaks every topic into the big idea and then teaches and develops the skills and knowledge to be able to access the big idea.  This also allows students to see the sequence of lessons
  • A focus on literacy – especially at KS3.  The school recognises that a proportion of our students do not have mastery of literacy skills once they leave primary school
  • Courses that are engaging, relevant and achievable - In our upper year groups, where numbers are very small, we have to think carefully about which options we can run for KS4.  For example, when the current Year 11 took their option choices, there were only 39 students on role, however we offered a full range of subjects to every student.   We have targeted the Ebacc with a rise from 18% (previous Cheshunt School) to 46% of students completing the full Ebacc.  Moving forward, next year we anticipate over 60% of our students completing the full Ebacc.  We also make qualifications available in Sport and ICT.  For the Sport, there is a focus on Health and Wellbeing.  This links with the school's high proportion of Pupil Premium students (over 40%) and the school's focus on positive Mental Health and physical wellbeing.  In addition, the Hertfordshire Skills Framework requires students to develop confidence, teamwork, determination and leadership, which are all developed through the Sport qualifications. For ICT it is a key skill all students will need in the future and a direct response to the needs of the local labour market.  Alongside, English, Maths and Science, students can choose from a mix of academic or vocational qualifications, which have a focus on practical skills such as Photogaphy, Drama, and Technology.  As our school numbers increase, we plan to be able to offer a far wider range of option choices.
  • Ensuring that the curriculum is ambitious and  challenging for all students including those with SEND- we carefully track to ensure that all students have a robust and challenging curriculum, relevant to their needs.  The proportion of students who complete the Ebacc pathway is the same for Pupil Premium and Non Pupil Premium students, and SEND vs Non SEND.  All students complete a pathway and set of qualifications, relevant to their ability.  This is evidenced by the fact that our Pupil Premium and SEND students are in line with or outperform their peers
  • A focus on character development- through for example, Character Charter, extra Technology lessons, and Drama lessons, we aim to build wider skills; such as resilience, organisation and leadership; as well as life skills for post school including ironing a shirt and cooking.  
  • Careers Development - the school has completely the Investors in Careers Quality Mark and has an integrated Careers plan for all students in the school.  The school has developed excellent working relationships with the Marriott Hotel and students in Year 7 and 8 benefit from this experience, with the Year 7 students competing in the Marriott MasterChef (held in their professional kitchens) and the Year 8 having a full days experience at the Marriott.  Alongside Work Experience, Careers Days, an onsite Careers Advisor, mock interviews, and much more, students are prepared to the work place after their school career
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Development - the school’s curriculum is designed to ensure we support everyone’s Mental Health.  The school has developed a relationship with HertsMIND, who regularly deliver sessions in school to our students.  The work on Mental Health culminates in the annual Mental Health and Wellbeing Day.
  • Opportunities to develop student’s Capital Culture - the school deliberately plans and delivers a range of activities/trips to promote this Capital Culture including: all students in Year 7 going to the Houses of Parliament; trips including Bank of England, Theatres, Cadburys World, and Bletchy Park; visiting Musical groups, such as Rak Su, to experience musical culture; Paul Hannaford talk on Drugs and Crime; Mental Health and Wellbeing Day; Team Building Activities; and many more
  • RS, SMSC and British Values - the school has deliberately taken time to ensure that this are explicitly taught through all years and a plan is carefully mapped out for all year groups (see SMSC section of website).  The teaching of respect and tolerance ensure that all students feel it is ok to be different at the school.
  • A focus on the quality of Extended Writing - the school recognises that for many of our students this is a key area, and so explicit opportunities throughout our curriculum are developed to ensure this skills is practised further

In designing our curriculum, the school has paid great attention to the local employment needs in the area.  The Hertfordshire Skills Framework, which surveyed 300 local employers about the skills and qualifications needed, is central to our curriculum.  This information is central to our Careers provision (see link) and our wider curriculum.  For example, the skills highlighted of confidence and teamwork are central to our Character Charter, Team Building activities and our wider curriculum.  

Hertfordshire Skills Framework

Curriculum Map Year 7Curriculum Map Year 8Curriculum Map Year 9Curriculum Map Year 10Curriculum Map Year 11


Careers Skills Curriculum Map Character Charter Curriculum Map

Citizenship Curriculum Map

Form Time Curriculum Map

Music Curriculum Map

Relationship and Sex Education Curriculum Map

Religious Study Curriculum Map

Year 7 Curriculum hours and Learning Journey

Year 8 Curriculum hours and Learning Journey

Year 9 Curriculum hours and Learning Journey

Year 10 Curriculum hours and Learning Journey

Year 11 Curriculum hours and Learning Journey

Should you require any further information about the Curriculum at Goffs-Churchgate Academy please contact Tom Sparks (Principal) at the school