Year 11 Remote Learning

This page documents the work that students in Year 11 need to complete once they have completed their final assessments in school

All students will be expected to attend a virtual meeting with Miss Taylor, every Friday at 2pm, to share the work that they have completed.


Using the START careers website complete the specified selection of online units which will help to start you thinking about the options you have post 18

  • Introduction to University
  • Introduction to Apprenticeships
  • Post 18 what’s right for me?
  • Researching university courses: What to consider

Choose four units from the “Investigating industries” module

  • Banking: Is it for You?
  • The Cruise Industry: Is it for You?
  • Working in Football: Is it for You?
  • Sales: Is it for You?
  • Product Development: Is it for You?
  • Human Resources: Is it for You?
  • IT Management: Is it for You?
  • Surveying: Is it for you?
  • Airport Security: Is it for You?

Make sure you have viewed all the “Employer Encounter” videos on the school website

Employer Encounters - Goffs - Churchgate Academy (

For any support please contact Miss Baker

Extended Project

This extended project is an excellent way of transitioning to Post-16 study.

Students will step into the shoes of the INEOS TEAM UK engineers and designers, using their STEM knowledge to complete the projects. Encouraging teamwork, lateral thinking and the consolidation of learning.

Please submit your work to Miss Bajraktari

Transition Work for Goffs Academy Sixth Form

If you are planning on attending Goffs Academy Sixth Form, you should complete the Transition Project for the subjects that you are studying.  You will be asked to submit this work, when you start in the school



Active Citizenship (1)

Active Citizenship (2)

Diversity in Society (1)

Diversity in Society (2)

Mental Health in Adulthood


The Economy

For any support and submission of work please contact Mrs Renew

Healthy Living

Undertake daily exercise.  The videos in the attached area can be undertaken at home

Home Exercise Workouts

For any support please contact Miss Johnson


Essential Skills






Grammar for Writing

Recapping the basics of Grammar

Advanced Grammar


Further Studies


“Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Complete all of the following tasks:

  1. Research information about the author, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and note down at least 5 facts about him.


  1. Research and summarise Coleridge’s “Theory of Life” principle.
  2. Read the poem, “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Coleridge.
  3. Highlight 5-10 of the most complex words. Look up their meaning in a dictionary and annotate a definition for each of these words around the poem.
  4. Read the summary for “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”.
  5. In your own words, briefly annotate on the poem what each of the 7 parts of the poem are about.


  1. Answer the Quote Questions on the separate worksheet.
  2. Samuel Taylor Coleridge was a romantic poetic – research what a romantic poet was and what they believed. Why is this important in the poem “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”?~
  3. Copy six quotes from below in the “exploding quotes” spider diagram worksheet. Explode each quote:

Possible Quotes to choose from:

  • “With my cross-bow / I shot the ALBATROSS”
  • “Water, water, everywhere nor any drop to drink”
  • “The curse in the Dead man's eyes”
  • “At length did cross an Albatross: / Thorough the fog it came; / As if it had been a Christian soul, / We hailed it in God's name.” 
  • “I looked to heaven, and tried to pray; But or ever a prayer had gushed”
  • “They all dead did lie: / and a thousand slimy things / lived on and so did I”
  •  And I had done a hellish thing, / And it would work 'em woe: / For all averred, I had killed the bird
  • ”The Albatross feel off and sank / Like lead into the sea”
  • The man hath penance done, / And penance more will do
  • I could not draw my eyes from theirs, / Nor turn them up to pray
  • CHALLENGE: Independently identify and explode 2 quotes of your own choice from the poem.
  1. List three other structural features and explain what each of these features might symbolise or represent about the mariner’s crime against humanity/nature.
  2. MAIN TASK: ESSAY (750 words minimum) -- Using all the notes you have made, write an essay response to the following statement:

‘The Mariner’s more serious crime is against humanity rather than nature.’ How far do you agree with this statement?

You should include:

  • Thoughtful discussion of the statement.
  • Deep exploration of the author’s message.
  • A range of quotes.
  • Language analysis (including use of key terms).
  • Structural analysis of poetry form.
  • Reference to Coleridge’s “Theory of Life” principle.
  • Reference to Romantic poets.

    Writing Task:
    • Rime of the Ancient Mariner is a Ballad. Research and note down what features a ballad typically has.
    • Write your own extended narrative poem with the style and features of a ballad.




Please send your completed work to Mr Nichola


Elizabeth I

Nazi Germany


Natural Hazards

Climate Change

Climatic Hazards


A-Level STEM Subjects

A-Level Maths

Algebraic Fractions

Binomial Expansion

Quadratic Equations

Complex Simultaneous Equations


A-Level Science

Ecology - Oak National Academy (

A-level Chemistry: 

Energy changes - Oak National Academy (

Organic Chemistry - Oak National Academy (

A-level Physics: 

Forces - Oak National Academy (

Electricity - Oak National Academy (