Digital Safe Area/ Breakout Room

Hello everyone and welcome to the Goffs -Churchgate Digital Safe Area/ Breakout Room! 

This site can be accessed 24/7, and is packed with information on mental health and wellbeing, who to speak to in time of need, and many fun and varied ways of exercising, and calming the mind.

Creating this webpage is part of our commitment, at Goffs -Churchgate Academy, to continue to challenge the stigma that surrounds mental health, and positively support health and wellbeing for all of us, whoever we are, wherever we are.

For example, we have information and videos from

  • Herts Mind Network (accessing services)
  • NHS and Samaritans (Mental Health and Wellbeing information and advice)
  • Workout videos
  • Yoga for the classroom, and Yoga for beginners
  • Meditation for teens and adults
  • Breathing techniques
  • Free online jigsaws, colouring and drawing
  • Inspirational speeches

Please take time to explore the many options that are on this site.

We would love to hear your feedback and views on what is currently available, and what could be added. We will continue to add more information and videos in the future.

If you would like to contact us send your messages to;