Black History Month - October 2020

Black History Month


At Goffs-Churchgate we are proud of the broad and inclusive curriculum that we offer our students. An essential tenet of this is Black History Month, which is represented across our subjects. As well as History lessons being focused on Black British History and the contributions of individuals to progress in our country, there are a number of other topics being taught:-

  • In English, there will be a focus on literature and poetry from black authors and that which addresses issues of race and inequality.
  • In Drama, Music and Performing Arts club, students will be choosing and performing songs of black origin, and discussion around the lyrics and meaning behind them
  • Assemblies and form times will be focused on topics around Black History Month and focus on lessons about inclusion
  • Year 8 and 9 History groups will have the opportunity to debate the issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement as part of their Scheme of Work on Migration. The lessons taught here will use resources from the Black History Month official website.

There will also be photos of important individuals put up around the school, with biographies attached, so that students will be free to read and find out more about them – this exhibition has been called ‘Trailblazers in History’ and concentrates on black individuals who made a significant impact across all professions, including medicine, sports and the Arts.

As we adapt to a new way of life, we must ensure that we continue to acknowledge and address the issues that will always be there. By dedicating this time to exploring the profound cultural and societal impact of the black community on Britain, we are meeting our core aim of educators – to encourage enquiry, challenge preconceptions and build minds ready to embrace the world.

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today” Malcolm X