Year 7

Director of Learning: Miss Robson

Year 6 Transition Project

At Goffs-Churchgate Academy the KS3 curriculum is taught over two years, Year 7 and 8. In planning the KS3 curriculum we aim to:

  • Ensure that learning is challenging, engaging and enjoyable
  • Build on what children have been learning in Primary school
  • Help our students to develop the skills and understanding they will need for KS4 study and for adult life
Subject/Block Teaching Hours per fortnight
Maths 8
English 8
Science 7
Geography 3
German 4
History 3
RS 2
Technology including Art 5
Drama 3
PE 4
Citizenship 1


Music will be developed in an initiative way for our Year 7 students. They will have a series of Curriculum Enrichment Days where they will spend the entire day developing their musical skills. Over the course of a whole day we expect to see significant progress in our students.

Food Technology will be delivered in a similar way to Music. In small groups students will spend the whole day working on their Food Technology skills. This could, for example, include preparing a full 3 course meal.